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Our specialty is offering carpet cleaning service in Fort Lauderdale and turning your carpets and upholstery back the clock. Our carpet cleaning technology rolls time, so your rugs look and feel brand new. It removes everything from coffee to traffic stains and pet messes to soda spills.

Of fact, the force of oxygen, not genuine time travel, is what drives our carpet cleanings. With the help of cutting-edge equipment and techniques, our ground-breaking carpet cleaning technology penetrates the carpet pile deeply to dissolve embedded oils and dirt.

Resultantly, your carpets receive a deep cleaning without having to be submerged in gallons and gallons of water. In contrast to the 40 to 60 gallons an outdated steam carpet cleaner requires, we need two gallons of water to thoroughly clean. Your carpets will look fantastic and dry quickly with us, typically in just one hour.

Cleaning of Residential Carpet

Our home carpet cleaning products get made to release that grip. In the worst spots, our pre-spray will start the process by breaking up the grip of the dirt and grime. Then we enter the room with our cleaning solution, which combines an EPA Safer Choice certified encapsulate with an oxygenated booster.

The oxygen in the home carpet cleaning solution breaks up the dirt and debris by dislodging the dirt and debris from the carpet fibers. The encapsulate then begins to create little sodium crystals surrounding the broken-up filth as it continues to break it up. It makes it simple to remove the debris and keeps it from sticking to the carpet again. Also, because these residential carpet cleaning options only require a little water to clean efficiently, the carpets dry fast after we get done.

Home Carpet Cleaning and the OF1000

Our domestic carpet cleaners use the OF1000 after the solutions have finished their miraculous work. We suggest being aware of how easy it appears. Two counter-rotating brushes on this home carpet cleaner get made to penetrate the carpet pile deeply, pick up embedded particles, and then pull the debris up and out of the carpet.

Although the machine performs the job of cleaning debris, we do not want to leave anything behind. Our residential carpet cleaner specialists can ensure that every fiber surface has gotten washed. Our cleaners always go over the carpet twice.

We are eager to thoroughly clean and revitalize your carpets. We are a carpet cleaning service in Fort Lauderdale that considers the requirements of your house! It is incredible to make a residential carpet cleaning appointment; just input your zip code in the locator below to get the appropriate phone number to contact and fantastic discounts!

Carpet Cleaning for Businesses

When it comes to their carpets, every business has unique requirements. Some places, like restaurants or hotels, require frequent cleaning because of heavy use and persistent consumer stains. Some require fewer cleanings but still have significant carpet wear and tear. Regardless of the circumstance or type of industrial-grade carpet, we are ready to provide the best commercial carpet cleaning service in Fort Lauderdale and the method.

Because of our low moisture approach, you can walk on the carpets without getting your shoes or feet wet an hour after cleaning. Also, you do not need to worry about risks or avoid certain areas of the rug because we utilize non-toxic chemicals in our cleaning solutions. Our eco-friendly carpet cleaning is secure, efficient, and ideal for your business.

What to anticipate

So what can you anticipate from a carpet cleaning as a client? The carpet cleaning specialist will show up at the location at the appointed time and do a walkthrough with you. Most business clients think it’s a fantastic opportunity to address any questions they may have, point out any troublesome stains or heavy traffic areas that have been bothering them, or both during this stage of the process.

The carpet cleaning professional will also ask you questions about them, such as how old they are, for a better understanding of removing the stains. After pre-treating all the traffic areas and pigments that get pointed out during the walkthrough, the expert will start cleaning the commercial carpet. 

The procedure breaks down the dirt and stains in the carpet and makes them simple to remove using the power of oxygen.

The carpet cleaning professional will also spray our solution all over your carpet while this is going on. Afterward, they will start sweeping your carpets with a machine created to penetrate deep into the carpet pile and remove all dirt and stains. Once this finishes, you can check the cleaning results with the carpet cleaning service in Fort Lauderdale and its professionals to ensure you are happy.

For a free quote from us or to schedule an incredible bargain, call us right away. We can’t wait for your carpets to look years younger with us!

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